Kids church

Kids Church is a weekly ministry to kids during our 10:30am Capalaba Church service. It runs every week during the state school terms, and for the 4-5 year olds during the school holidays. Come and join the fun, and learn lots about our great God through age appropriate activities including Bible stories, games, craft and songs.

For further details, please contact Jennie Baddeley.

You can register your child for the Kids Church program here. You can download and print the form and return it to Jennie or send her an electronic copy. 

Kids church classes

  • Creche (Babies and Toddlers)

    For mums and dads with little ones, Creche is held in the cry room at the back of the main auditorium. Parents are asked to care for their children in there, where the service is audible through a speaker. If this doesn’t work for your family, please speak to one of the welcomers.

  • Discoverers (ages 2-3)

    Discoverers is a program for kids aged 2-3. They get to learn about God: that he made and owns all things, and Jesus is God’s Son and loves us all. Parents are asked to sign their children in and out of the program.

  • Explorers (ages 4-5)

    A group for kids aged 4-5. This program introduces the children to the Bible and following  Jesus in an age appropriate way. Parents are asked to sign their children into and out of the program.

  • Adventurers (Preps, Year 1-2)

    There are three groups for kids in Prep - Year 2. One group meets in the hall (and moves to  the vestry); the other groups meet in the large room at the end of the main corridor. This is great for kids to understand the basics of what the bible teaches and how to follow Jesus, in an interactive and friendly way. Children enjoy this class best where they have basic literacy skills.

  • Investigators (Years 3-4)

    Two groups for kids in Years 3-4. In this group, children are taught the basics of reading the Bible for themselves in order to better understand how the Bible fits together, and how to put Jesus at the centre of their lives and to grow in their relationship with him. Both groups follow the same curriculum; one group is based around kinesthetic activities and discussion; the other is more traditional.

  • Tween Church

    Engaging with God’s word is serious – no matter what age we are. Tween church is for those year 5+ who want to take God seriously, follow Jesus and grow in Christ. They meet in the church office from when the Kids Talk begins in the Capalaba 10am service. They meet to encourage each other, pray together and do an adapted version of the adult Bible study series which follow the sermon series.