Discover who Jesus is

There are many different ideas, pictures and images that people have of Jesus. Some say he was a good man. Others a great teacher. In the New Testament, he is both of those and more. He is God's son sent to save.

This January at the Redlands Presbyterian, we're taking a fresh look at the person of Jesus. We'll be thinking about what it means to know who Jesus is. We'll looking at what the gospels teach us about this person Jesus. If you are Christian, this is a good way to start the year by reminding yourself of the impressive and powerful Jesus Christ, Son of God and Lord of all. If you're not a Christian, this is a good way to learn about him. We hope you can join us.

December 31 - Jesus in History

January 7 - Jesus as Christ

January 14 - Jesus as Healer

January 21 - Jesus as Saviour

January 28 - Jesus as Teacher