care team

What we believe: Jesus came to die for us so that we could be forgiven and know God. This changes everything for us. We don’t live for ourselves anymore. Instead we serve and care for others in all kinds of ways, including caring for people’s physical and emotional needs. 

What we do

Crisis Care: Caring practically and spiritually for those who find life hard or face emergencies within their family.

Pastoral Visiting: Visiting those who are sick, lonely, or bereaved to remind them of God’s unfailing love and pray with and for them.

Refugee Assistance: Caring for and connecting with refugees, physically and spiritually.

Financial Counselling: Providing advice and support for those struggling to manage finances.

Relationship Counselling: Providing advice and support for those struggling in their marriage relationships.

Kids Hope Aus - Mentoring Program: A formal approved program in schools, mentoring and supporting children from disadvantaged contexts.

For more information contact Giles Wood (0429 064 515) for emergency/crisis care, or Stephen Bailey (0403 866 339) or Tim Fooks (0410 811 187) for refugee assistance.