Redlands Presbyterian Church

Our church is passionate about Jesus: his life, his teachings, his death and resurrection. And most amazingly, how he completely fulfils God's promised plan for saving the world.

That's why our mission is: Growing in Christ; making Christ known.

We love our church community, we work together to care for each other and grow as followers of Jesus. We love our local community and we are active within it while taking opportunities to share the 'good news' about Jesus.

So, come join us as we learn from Jesus and grow to be more like him. Or contact us to chat and find out more.

Serving the Southern Redlands

We are a church committed to growing a network of churches across the Redlands and beyond, because we believe in growing big by staying small. In addition to our Capalaba congregations, we have congregations at...

VICTORIA POINT - 164 Colburn Avenue, Victoria Point

Held at 8:30am, it's a relaxed traditional Presbyterian service featuring classic hymns and a more formal structure. The services are warm and friendly. Make sure you stay for morning tea!


REDLAND BAY - Redland Bay State School

Our new church plant. A family congregation serving the southern Redlands area meeting at 10:30am

Find out more about both congregations at