Ministry Team

As you'll see, our ministry team is made up of a diverse group of people. We enjoy working together around Jesus to serve our church and local community. Meet our ministry team...


    Josh is married to Deb, and they are parents to four young kids. Being a WA lad, Josh loves AFL and most things to do with the beach - including camping and fishing. He and Deb are also big fans of road tripping with coffees in hand.

    Josh graduated from Sydney Missionary & Bible College in 2011. He served as a Pastor at a Christian Reformed Church in Hobart until his move to Redlands in 2015. He's passionate about teaching God's word and seeing people saved and matured by it.

    You can get in touch with him at:


    Jennie is married to Mark and they have two boys. Jennie and Mark grew up in Brisbane, then moved to Sydney and then to Oxford, England. Jennie enjoys music, ticking things off her list/s, little kids, Brisbane in winter, and a good book. She loves watching people grow in Christ and that God’s love for us in Christ makes everything worthwhile. 

    Jennie helps with training, PresSafe administration, organising church camps, and is involved in Kids Church. She also writes the studies for the term study guides.

    You can get in touch with her at:

  • SAM Wheeler-Smith (Assistant Minister - Youth and Young Adults)

    Sam is married to Lauren and they have three young kids. Both Sam and Lauren are from regional NSW, but met and married in QLD.

    Sam loves coffee, camping, and being creative with his kids.

    Sam studied at Queensland Theological College in Brisbane, and is passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus with young people and helping to equip them to follow Jesus for life.

    Sam joined our team at the beginning of 2022 to oversee both the Youth and Young Adult ministries, as well as the Night Church congregation at Capalaba.

    You can get in touch with Sam at:


    Russell is married to Jocelyn and they have four kids. Russell and Jocelyn are both from Brisbane. They studied at Moore Theological College in Sydney and initially stayed in Sydney after college before moving to serve at a church on the Gold Coast. 

    Russell joined our team at the start of 2017 to oversee our new church plant in the southern part of the Redlands. 

    You can get in touch with Russell at:


    Janette is married to Rob. She enjoys bush walking, reading good books and following the Queensland Reds (when they occasionally win). She works in the office two days of the week assisting the Treasurer in financial matters. 

    Janette is thankful for the good news of the gospel and how it resonates through all seasons of life. She's amazed by how it impacts her now as deeply as it did when she first became a Christian at 23. 

    You can get in touch with her at:


    Elisabeth is married to Stephen and they have two adult daughters. They grew up in Brisbane and spent five years living in Melbourne when their girls were young. She enjoys reading a good book, holidays at the beach and catching up with family. She works in the office two days each week doing all sorts of administrative tasks.

    She loves to provide support to the ministry team by helping with some of the organisational and office tasks, freeing them to have more time to focus on pastoral and ministry work.

    You can get in touch with her at:


    Sam and Lucy serve as Student Ministers in our southern congregations at Victoria Point and Redland Bay. Sam is nearing the end of his time at Theological College and they are both prayerfully considering where God will lead them to serve him in the future.

    Both growing up in regional centres and with hearts that love family and music, Sam spends his week studying at Queensland Theological College while Lucy is now at home looking after their new son.

    You can get in contact with Sam at