We want to help you grow. That's part of our mission statement. We want to see people grow in their knowledge of the Lord Jesus. This is how we grow into healthy mature Christians. 

So, we want to encourage you to grow by joining a home group. Home groups are a very important part of our church life. There are a large number of home groups that meet around the Redlands and even Brisbane. Our home groups are places to get to know people from church and a place to learn about Jesus Christ in the Bible. Each term, we work through a series of studies that follow the sermons at church. In this way, we get the most out of the part of the Bible we're working on.

If you'd like to join a home group, you can find a list of the available home groups here. Contact Josh if you'd like to work out which group to join.


Church is a place where each member can serve. We believe that this is the way the body is meant to function (1 Corinthians 12:1-31). We grow as a body as each member gives of themselves to others.

When you first come to church, it might not be easy to work out how to serve and be involved. If you would like to serve in any way, get in touch with Josh to find out what opportunities are available.