Home group is an important part of growing as a Christian for many people. Here are some reasons that home groups are important:

  • Bible study - more opportunity for asking questions, clarifying meaning, and sharing insights, especially applying the message personally to our lives.
  • Prayer - more opportunity for sharing personal prayer points and praying meaningfully for others. It also provides opportunities for praying for ministries in our church and world mission.
  • Community - home groups act as great support networks - helping each other through difficult times, and sharing each other’s joys. Also home groups can organise social activities together, providing opportunities for fellowship, relationship-building and evangelism.

These are all great reasons to join a home group. Don’t think about a home group as something just for the ‘keen ones’; it’s a great way for all of us to grow in Christ. Please contact Josh Swarts about how you can join a home group and serve others.